How to Open a Position

Please also find the text explanation below.

To open a position please browse to the 'VAULTS' page and click on any of the vaults:

Once you've clicked a vault, the position creation page will open:

Under the graph you will see the form for position creation. If you don't have the vault token, it's not a problem, you can use any liquid token you have:

Once you click the token dropdown a popup window will open, in which you will be able to choose which token to invest into the vault:

Once you choose the token to invest, you can specify the other position parameters, like stop loss, take profit, etc:

After you click the 'Deposit' button, please allow a few seconds for the position to get created. The time is needed to make the necessary transactions and record the position data to the blockchain. Once the position is created you can view it in the 'POSITIONS' section of the app.

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