Minimax Finance Docs


When you click on any of the vaults on our platform you can see a set of charts with information about the vault TVL, APY, the token price and growth. Each chart allows you to track the dynamics of the chosen indicator before you invest in the vault.
At the top right corner you can choose the period for which to display the data - for a day, a week, a month or a year:
TVL chart shows the dynamics of Total Value Locked of the selected vault. APY graph displays how the annual percentage yield changed over time.
At the Price tab you can see two lines - the green line displaying the token's price dynamics in USD and the orange line, displaying the token price dynamics in BTC:
With the help of Growth chart you can compare the token price dynamics with that of Bitcoin, compare APYs for both tokens, and decide which one is a better investment. The green line represents the token price dynamics while the orange one shows you the same for BTC: