Minimax Finance Docs

Tokens section

The ‘Tokens’ section includes the list of the tokens from your wallet which are either not used in any way or have already been staked on our platform. It makes it easy for you to put to work the idle assets in your wallet and withdraw the staked ones when necessary. Let's take a closer look.
On the screenshot above you can see 3 columns - ‘Idle’, ‘Deposited’ and ‘APY’:
  • The ‘Idle’ column shows the amount for each of the tokens which are not used at the moment. Don’t let them just sit there, make them work for you.
  • The ‘Deposited’ column displays, how many of the tokens are already staked at our platform.
  • In the ‘APY’ column you can see the best APY available for each token on the platform or the ‘N/A’ option if the token can’t be staked at the platform yet.
‘Deposit’ and ‘Withdraw’ buttons for each token make it easy for you to shift your tokens to and from Minimax with a single click whenever you want.