Currently the only fee charged by the platform is 0.005 BNB charged for opening a position. The fee goes to Gelato Network to insure reliable processing of stop loss and take profit events. 100% of the fee is refunded if you withdraw the position manually.
Some time later the platform fee of 0.1% for depositing of funds will be introduced. The fee will be not charged for staking of MMX or MMX-BNB LP tokens.

Fee Discounts

Platform customers, who will stake MMX for 30 or 90 days, will be able to get discounts for the platform fee based on the amount of the tokens staked.
Basic level 0-1,000 MMX staked - 0.1% fee (no discount)
Bronze level 1,000-5,000 MMX staked - 0.09% fee (10% discount)
Silver level 5,000-10,000 MMX staked - 0.08% fee (20% discount)
Gold level 10,000-50,000 MMX staked - 0.07% fee (30% discount)
Prime level 50,000+ MMX staked - 0.05% fee (50% discount)
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