Our ‘Earn’ page gives you various opportunities to make your tokens work. We have integrated depositing options from multiple third-party DeFi applications on 9 chains (at the mime of writing — 24.02.2022).

You can look for necessary vaults by choosing definite platforms, blockchains and vault types or just typing the token to the search bar.

It occurs quite often that one token can be invested in multiple vaults which differ from each other by chain, platform and such parameters as TVL and APY/APR. Therefore, you can easily find the vault with the highest APY.

Conversion Depositing

If you don’t have the necessary token to invest in the vault, which has attracted your attention, we have a decision — conversion depositing feature. With this tool you can enter any vault with any liquid token without having to use a DEX.

With conversion depositing our platform does all the necessary conversion and bundling operations for you behind the scenes. Conversion depositing works both for single assets and for LP token vaults which makes it much easier to enter any vault, especially for vaults with LP tokens.

For example, you want to deposit tokens to the CAKE-BNB LP2 vault, however you don’t have this LP pair in your wallet. Firstly, you should tap on the necessary vault. Here you see a form, where you can choose the token from your wallet you want to invest in this vault: just open a dropdown under the sign ‘From Wallet’ and choose necessary token:

Then you choose the amount of tokens you want to stake to the vault. Above the deposit button you will see the amount of LP tokens you will be getting according to the swap estimate:

Once you click the ‘Deposit’ button, your token is converted into two tokens, gets bundled into LP tokens and deposited to the vault in just one click.

Conversion Withdrawal

Conversion withdrawal allows you to receive any token you want when withdrawing a position. You can find ‘Withdraw’ page by tapping on the action menu from ‘Deposits’ section on the ‘Portfolio’ page or by tapping to the vault and choosing ‘Withdraw’ tab.

The process is the same as with the ‘Deposit’ form: firstly you enter the amount of tokens you want to withdraw and then you choose the token in which you’d like to convert your deposit.


As we have written in FAQ, Minimax.finance usage doesn't bear risks. All deposits are made directly via third-party dApps and only with your consent.

We are working hard to carefully check the project before its integration. However, the DeFi world is still unpredictable and no one is safe from unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, we still recommend doing your own research before making some investment decisions.

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