Welcome to — a Web3 SuperApp!
With Minimax you can explore thousands of Swap, Earn, and Bridge opportunities across web3 and use them through a unified interface without having to switch between different apps and blockchains. Explore opportunities and interact with decentralized web — all in one place!
Our mission is to make it easier for users to interact with Web3 space, putting together a wide range of opportunities. users can see their portfolio like in DeBank, explore new opportunities like in DeFiLama, and interact with the other apps like in Zapper – all of this without switching between various Web3 dApps.
App Structure
‘Portfolio’ section gives you a detailed overview of the tokens you own regardless of the blockchain on which they are allocated. You can easily monitor the price of each token and the whole balance of your assets, denominated in dollars, and adjust it in accordance with the market changes. There we have also placed information about all deposits, made via our platform, and old Minimax positions.
The view of the page when user's wallet isn't connected
The view of the page when the wallet is connected
On the ‘Discover’ page you can find the up to date information about various popular Web3 protocols, including information about networks, token price, Mcap, TVL, Mcap/TVL (if these figures can be collected).
Minimax ‘Earn’ page enables you to choose the best from multiple offers and make your tokens work. All the vaults displayed at the platform are sourced from third-party DeFi applications. Currently you can stake single assets and LP tokens on Minimax. Our platform lets you enjoy the great benefits of DeFi like high APYs and ease of asset manipulation, storing multiple Web3 apps in one place.
On Minimax you can enter any vault with any liquid token without having to use a DEX with the help of our unique feature — conversion depositing.
Let’s assume that you found a vault with an attractive APY/APR, e.g. CAKE-BUSD LP token vault. In the old days you needed to buy CAKE and BUSD at a DEX. After that you had to go to Pancakeswap and bundle them into the CAKE-BUSD LP tokens. And only after that you were able to deposit the LP tokens to the vault.
Now you can use any liquid token (like BNB, DOT, BSW and hundreds of others) to enter any vault. Our platform will seamlessly do all the necessary conversion and bundling operations for you. Now you need to do just one operation on our dApp instead of 4 or 5 operations on various dApps. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle.
We’ve integrated our platform with 1inch DEX aggregator which defines the optimal routes for token swaps, providing you with the best exchange rates. In addition to this our smart contracts bundle the single tokens into LP tokens when necessary.
‘Swap’ section allows you to do exchanges both within one blockchain and between chains directly on Minimax uses 1inch Router v4 for swaps within the same network and deBridge v1 for multichain swaps.
Full ownership smart contracts don't have control over the positions opened via the ‘Earn’ section. All transactions made via Minimax are controlled by your wallet. We use our auxiliary smart contracts only to help make necessary swaps with the conversion depositing feature. If you don’t need to use the conversion depositing, you won’t interact with our smart contracts at all. It minimizes your risks while using Minimax — even if our platform gets hacked, you won’t lose your money.
Security Partnerships and Integrations
We have already integrated 9 blockchains, including BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Aurora, Moonbeam, Ethereum, Meter, and 15 web3 apps with more apps and chains up next.
In the future we will add more exciting features, which will help us in our mission to provide our users a high-level overview of the web3 space and the ability to interact with multiple web3 apps directly via Minimax.
Last modified 1yr ago