Minimax Finance Docs

How Minimax works

Separation of positions through delegated proxy callers.

Minimax employs an individual proxy smart contract for each position created by a client to ensure that stop loss, take profit events and claiming of earnings are processed correctly and the funds are transferred to the right accounts.

Multiple positions per vault

You can create multiple positions per vault while setting a different stop loss and take profit value for each position.

Decentralized position liquidation

In the first version of our platform liquidations were done by our own bots. It was a temporary solution and we were looking for a more reliable and decentralized option.
With V2 we’ve integrated Gelato Network — a decentralized network of bots, which fully automate execution of smart contracts. With Gelato Network the processing of stop loss and take profit events has become much more reliable and absolutely decentralized.

Centralized part: data storage

The platform has a centralized component, which maintains fast data indexing for UI.
We are using the data storage for quick uploading of data with open positions (it would take much longer to upload the data from the blockchain each time).