Introduction is a DeFi MetaApp. It is a place where you can interact with many DeFi protocols divided by subcategories (Swap, Earn, etc.) across multiple blockchains through a unified interface without having to switch between different apps and blockchains.
In the future we will add more sections such as NFT, Borrow, Portfolio. At the platform you will get a high-level overview of the web3 space like in read-only monitoring services (DappRadar, DefiLlama) and at the same time you will be able to interact with multiple web3 apps directly. Please feel free to have a look at for more information about our updated product vision.
Currently you can stake single assets and LP tokens at our platform. We source all the vaults displayed at the platform from third-party DeFi applications.
Our platform lets you enjoy the great benefits of DeFi (high APYs and ease of asset manipulation) and not be worried about its risks (impermanent loss or sharp token depreciation).
Enter any vault with any liquid token.
Let’s assume you find a vault with an attractive APY/APR, e.g. CAKE-BUSD LP token vault. In the old days you’d need to buy CAKE and BUSD at a DEX. After that you’d have to go to Pancakeswap and bundle them into the CAKE-BUSD LP tokens. And only after that you’d be able to deposit the LP tokens to the vault.
Now you can use any liquid token (like BNB, DOT, BSW and hundreds of others) to enter any vault. Our platform will seamlessly do all the necessary conversion and bundling operations for you. Now you’ll need to do just one operation on our dApp instead of 4 or 5 operations on various dApps. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle.
We’ve integrated our platform with 1inch DEX aggregator which defines the optimal routes for token swaps, providing you with the best exchange rates. In addition to this our smart contracts bundle the single tokens into LP tokens when necessary.
This feature makes it much easier to enter any vault, saving you a lot of time in the process.
Stop loss and take profit for staking, lending and yield farming
Everybody likes highly profitable passive investments and no one likes it when those investments go south.
DeFi provides unique passive investing opportunities, which go hand-in-hand with huge risks due to high volatility. Multiple DeFi investors have been left high and dry because of sudden price drops or impermanent loss.
Minimax Finance introduces stop loss and take profit features for staking, lending and farming. With the help of these features you can protect your investments from big losses when crypto prices suddenly fall and automatically fix the profit, when the prices grow.
For example, the price of BTC is 40000 USD at the moment of depositing a stake. If you set the stop loss parameter equal to 95%, your stake will be taken out of the staking pool and automatically converted into stable coins when BTC price falls by more than 5%.
If you specify take profit parameter equal to 10% USD, your stake will be taken out of the staking pool and automatically converted into stable coins, when BTC price grows by more than 10%.
Multiple positions per vault with separate parameters for each position
It is possible to open multiple staking positions within the same vault. Each position may have a different stop loss and take profit level. This makes the management of funds much more efficient and flexible. E.g. you can set 95% stop loss level and 5% take profit for half of your deposit. And more risky 90% stop loss and 10% take profit for the other half.
Security Partnerships and Integrations
Minimax have partnered with Hacken, a leading cybersecurity agency, for the audit of the smart contracts. As the result of the audit, received the grade ‘well-secured’.
To protect the clients’ funds from price manipulations, the team have integrated Chainlink Price Feeds.
To ensure reliable processing of stop loss and take profit events we use Gelato Network. was launched on Binance Smart Chain January 2022. We deployed our application on Polygon in April 2022 and on Fantom in May 2022, Avalanche and Arbitrum in June, with other blockchains up next.
Our goal is to build an application, which makes investments in DeFi much safer, easier to manage and much more profitable.
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