We will introduce the platform tokens within a month.

Ticker: MMX.

The total MMX supply — 100,000,000.

Pre-minted 25% of the tokens are distributed as follows:

  • 10% — Minimax team. 6-month cliff, followed by 24-month equal vesting.
  • 10% — Investors and advisors. Vested monthly over 24 months.
  • 2% — Marketing.
  • 2% — IDO.
  • 1% — Initial liquidity pool at Pancakeswap.

Starting from the launch date, 75% of the remaining supply will be distributed equally for each block (2 MMX per block):

  • 54 % — rewards for staking MMX on the MMX single asset pools
  • 18% — rewards for providing liquidity in Pancakeswap MMX-BNB pool
  • 3% — airdrops, with 0.3% of the tokens being airdropped each 3 months. The airdropped tokens are distributed between the customers of our platform based on the amount of funds deposited during the previous three-month period.
  • The MMX emission rate will be halved at the end of 12 months from launch and then halved again at the end of 24 months from launch.
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